Saturday, October 15, 2011

Munch's Hunches: NFL Week 6

Greetings StuntDad Nation and welcome to Week 6 of the NFL 2011 season.

Are the Buffalo Bills really in 1st place? Did LeBron James ask John Clayton about the NFL free agent signing deadline? Is Tim Tebow the next John Elway?

As Munch found out last week, it has been a tough season to predict. The little guy went 0 for 3 in his inaugural weekly pick 'ems, but he's confident to turn things around this week.

The Saturday Stuntline reads as...

The Early Game
  • Match-Up: Philadelphia (1-4) at Washington (3-1)
  • Rationale: 6 weeks ago, this game meant nothing. The "Dream Team" Eagles were assumably on their way to be 5-0 and Washington should still be looking for their 1st win. But—this is the NFL, where nothing is guaranteed, except that Howie Long will always be a douche and continue to think wearing glasses will make people forget that he was just one of those "dumb football players" from the 80s.
  • Munch's Hunch: My Native American name is One Who Always Cleans His Plate. Go Redskins!
  • StuntDad Diatribe: Sorry Kid, but your football betting name is One Who Needs to Study More Game Film. The Redskins have played 1 team with a winning record and Rex Grossman is still their quarterback. Bad Rex will show up and is good for 3 picks against a desperate—and pissed off—Eagle defense. Michael Vick will forget trying to inspire his teammates with his "great" dogfighting stories and take matters into his own hands. He's good for 4 touchdowns in this week's Tomahawk Bowl. Eagles cruise 31-17.
The Late Game
  • Match-Up: Dallas (2-3) at New England (4-1)
  • Rationale: Two quarterbacks, who spend more time on US Weekly covers than on their own playbooks, square off in one of the more interesting games of the week. High octane offenses and sub-par defenses make for a wild shootout.
  • Munch's Hunch: Giselle is hotter than Candice. Go Patriots!
  • StuntDad Diatribe: Kid, you're killing me, but you totally nailed (pardon the pun) the Wife-o-Meter. Folks, I think we've got a major upset in the makings. Dallas has beat themselves during each of their losses and they are better than their record indicates. I think Tony Romo plays his best game of the year and lights up the worst secondary in the league. You have to love Wes Welker though, who—on paper—has no business being in the NFL and really should be teaming up with Jillian Barberie and preparing for the Amazing Race's upcoming midget-themed season in 2012. I boldly predict that Welker gets knocked out of the game in the 3rd quarter with a concussion and Tom Brady's 28-game home winning streak comes to an end in this week's Shampoo Bowl. The 'Boys in a stunner: 30-28.
The Night Game
  • Match-Up: Miami (0-4) at N.Y. Jets (2-3)
  • Rationale: We flipped a quarter between the SNF and MNF games as they'll be as entertaining as the guy who is getting too fat and old to impersonate people on NFL Fox Sunday.
  • Munch's Hunch: Dirty Sanchez makes me giggle. J-E-T-S! J-E-T-S! J-E-T-S!
  • StuntDad Diatribe: Kid, I finally agree with you this week—on both accounts. Mexican Revolution moustaches never get old, and the Miami Dolphins are miserable. Their anAs much as I think Rex Ryan needs a muzzle and a retraining order against open-toed sandals, there's too much hot air in this hot air balloon of a man to screw up a victory in this week's I'd Rather Watch the Sing-Off Bowl. Jets in a blowout: 38-10.

Now, we turn to StuntDad Nation on your thoughts on these and other games from around the league. Likes, dislikes, hits, & misses?

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