Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fantasy Baseball: yay. fun. woo-flippin-hoo.

Baseball season is coming to a close, which means Fantasy Baseball is coming to a close.

And, for the first time in my 11-year fantasy career, I could care less.

Before having a kid, I LOVED fantasy baseball. Lived for it, actually.

My favorite month of the year was March. My favorite day of the year was the Fantasy Baseball Draft.

From March to October, I was all in:
  • Making up wacky stories of my fellow manager buddies
  • Talking crap on the message board
  • Posting new poll questions every week
This year, with a 1 yr old and K2 coming in November, I still played fantasy baseball. “Watched” fantasy baseball would be a more accurate term. I checked our league’s web site about once every 2 weeks, and to my surprise, I didn’t really care.

When I think about baseball now, it's not about which pitchers are 2-start pitchers next week or scouring the waiver wire every night.

It's about teaching Munch how to throw a curveball, with his left hand. Cha-ching!

I think about taking him to a game where I can show him how to keep score, spot a breaking ball, and if we’re lucky—catch a foul ball.

It’s a great change. There is more excitement in guessing when Munch will hit his first home run than deciding on whether or not Homer Bailey will ever reach his potential.

So, next March, when my favorite day of the year rolls around, I’ll be auto-drafting.

Does anyone else have things they "used to love" after having children?

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