Meet the Stunt Dads

Stunt Chad 
Years of Stunthood: 4
Danger Level: 2
Special Skills: Can make any household object into a toy
Creed: The only thing you can control is how you choose to respond
StuntFam: The Better Half (wife), Dumptruck (4-year-old boy), Puddin' (2-year-old girl)

Stunt Pete
Years of Stunthood: 2
Danger Level: 2
Special Skills: Can diaper anything
Creed: Show up, shut up, and wear beige
StuntFam: Wifey (wife), Munch (1-year-old boy), K2 (newborn girl)
Stunt Ben
Years of Stunt hood: 3
Danger Level: 2
Special Skills: Can juggle anything, kids, balls, adults (I don't do kittens)
Creed: Anything can be solved with food 
StuntFam: Momma (wife), Monkey (3-year-old boy), Buddha (almost 1-year-old boy)

Uncle Terry
Years of Stunthood: 0
Danger Level: 0
Special Skills: Not impregnating the lady folks during love making
Creed: Bartender – Jameson rocks and Budweiser for me and a Ketel One and soda for the lady

StuntFam: None... that I am aware of (wink, wink... nudge, nudge...)  StumbleUpon Pin It Now!