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Stunt Dad Headquarters
218 McKinley Ave
Geneva, IL 60134

Corporate Email:
Stunt Phone: (773) 97-STUNT

Stunt Ben:

Stunt Chad:

Stunt Pete:

Fax: Due to our lack of access to a time machine, we no longer have the ability to go back to 1986 to use a fax machine. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you.

Smoke Signal: Big Puff, Little Puff, Little Puff, Big Puff, Big Puff

Owl: That's right, we like Harry Potter. You got something to say about that?  Is it wrong for a grown man to appreciate the challenges of a young boy coming into his own and eventually saving the entire wizarding world, if not our own Muggle world, from destruction by he who should not be named... Voldemort? We are starting to think you might not be the kind of person we want to talk to. Wait... come back, we're sorry. It's just that we just finished the final movie and wow... (wipes tears from eyes)... Ok, anyway... sorry about that... it was very unprofessional. We don't have an owl, that is not real, it is just from a children's movie.

Mental Telepathy: Close your ideas. Now concentrate on what we are thinking about right now. Was it a chimpanzee is a tuxedo? Great. We are now mentally connected. Please keep your thoughts clean as we have kids around here.

The Stunt Light: As international men of mystery, we have made agreements with several government and police organizations that if the situation should rise where our presence is required, you just need to turn on the Stunt Light. The Stunt Light is a 1K-candle-power light in the shape of a cannon secured to the roofs of secret government institutions. If you are unaware of the location of the Stunt Light, I would guess that you probably do not have high enough clearance. We would recommend that you stick to email or run for public office.

Product Reviews
We would be more than happy to take a look at your product and possibly review it on the site... but here are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • We cannot promise that all items sent to us for review will make it to the site. 
  • We cannot promise a positive review. We have a commitment to truth, honesty, and the Stunt Dad way. 
  • We need three of anything you send us. This is to ensure that all Stunt Dads will have the opportunity to trial your product. 
  • We will abide by all FTC standards as related to full disclosure of how the product was supplied to us 
Please send any products that you are interested in having us review to:

Stunt Dad Headquarters
4514 N. Ashland - B2S
Chicago, IL 60640

We are more than happy to give you the Stunt Dad perspective on all things. Please send all inquiries to and we will get back with you as soon as possible. 
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