Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things to do when the power goes out

Our thoughts are with all the Stunt Dads who are dealing with flooding, power outages and most important...closed schools. We would also like to share that a power outage is a great time to teach kids what life was like before 500 cable channels, Wii, X Box, iPhones and iPads. When we were kids (us Stunt Dads) we played with cardboard boxes instead of X Boxes. And when we were bored of that we played board games. We played hide and seek in the dark. We played cops and robbers with our hands and feet instead of a joystick, tag was a game and not a way to categorize a Facebook pic. we made games up, changed the rules of dodgeball so it could be played with a potatoe and enjoyed whatever our imaginations could create. All we really needed was our undivided attention to the goal of having a good time. Remember? Remember when a paper towel roll became a sword and a toilet paper roll was a telescope? Do you even remember anymore how to turn a marker into a gun by holding it over your closed fist with your thumb? Think your kid knows that one?

If you are one of the unfortunate people without power, we hope that your home is quickly restored back to normal, but also that you Stunt Dad (yes its a verb too) the moment by making the most of it and playing with your kids the way you played with your best friend a few decades ago; with imagination. Hell it sounds so good I may just flip the breaker when I get home tonight and play along.

Be safe,
Stunt Dad

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