Saturday, October 20, 2012

6 Words banned from Stunt Dad dictionary

A few weeks ago a friend opened my eyes to the impact of negative language. He gave a few examples from his personal life that were compelling enough for me to give it a try both when interacting with my kids, but also at work. And just after a few weeks I can report back that the way you talk and the words you use instantly shape your existence. For that reason there are now 10 words that ate being banned from Stunt Dad vocabulary.

1. Can't
2. Don't
3. No
4. Hate
5. Wrong
6. Won't

These words are often a short cut to explaining the full truth and reason something could, should or can be. They lack insight and care. Words like can't, no and don't should be replaced with full explanations and the logic why a path or decision is ultimately detrimental. Wrong is a lazy way out of having to identify the right answer. And hate should never have been invented.

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