Friday, October 28, 2011

There’s No Place Like...Children’s Place

When Munch was born, we spared no expense. Truth be told, it happened before he was born—long before.

On August 30th, 2009, we found out Wifey was 6 weeks pregnant. On August 31st, we were at Buy Buy Baby. It happened that quick, and by it, I'm referring to the spending.

And, while the spending hasn't stopped, we've definitely managed to contain it.

But—he was our first. And who doesn't spend their life savings on showering their first born with over-priced clothes? You're probably thinking about that $25 embroidered onesie you bought for your little one. Or, the $45 dress that was too-adorabley-cute-not-to-buy that she wore just once.

Go ahead, smile, you know you did. Well, my friend, you are not alone. I'm one of the most cost-conscious dads out there, yet I still paid $32 for a Jungle Jam Elephant Sleeping Bag. For the first few months of his life, he was a walking billboard for our favorite Chicago infant clothing stores:

Surely, it was completely normal to spend $40 on an Alpaca Mouse Hat when the kid hates anything that goes on his head. And, why shouldn't I have spent $50 on his first Chuck Taylors that he grew out of in a month?

Because there is a place. A beautiful place. With beautiful clothes. And beautiful prices. A place so beautiful that onesies are under $2, dresses are under $5, shoes under $10, and you simply just can't get enough. This place is....THE CHILDREN’S PLACE.

I’m not sure how Wifey stumbled upon this magical world of cost savings, but I do give a slight nod to the Shopping Gods whenever I see Munch in his latest $9.99 OUTFIT (meaning a top AND a bottom). In fact, we got 3 sleep stretchies for $4.99 a piece. I know what you're thinking Dads, "Impossible! Not a chance!" And yet, it's true. So wonderfully and blissfully true. 

Munch grew so quick as a newborn that if we got him to get at least one wear out of a $50.00 outfit from Janie and Jack before he outgrew it, we considered it a win. Now, if it doesn’t come from clearance or cost less than $15, we don’t buy it. We’ve saved so much $$$ and the kid still looks adorable. Llet’s face it, you could put a garbage bag on 90% of the kids out there for their first year and you’d still get oohs and ahs. Oh, the wisdom one gets after six months of having a child. 

So, for those of you who are prospectin', preparin', or plannin' for parenthood, here's a Wardrobe Tip: at their age, spend smarter, not harder, Stunt Dad Nation.

Anyone else know of some cheap, err, cost-effective children clothing stores?

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  1. LOL, this one makes me chuckle, Stunt Pete!!!
    Another great place...Tar-gay!