Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Safety

I just read a tweet by about a study by the CDC that found the risk for children to be hit by cars is 4 times higher than any other night of the week. It reminded me that while we love to spend time dreaming up the coolest costumes and our candy strategy, we also need to spend time on how to keep the little goblins and ghouls safe.

Here are the unofficial* Stunt Dad Top 10 Safety Strategies
  1. Keep costumes safe - no sharp or dangerous objects
  2. Keep costumes flame retardent
  3. Stay in groups
  4. Be visible
  5. Inspect candy
  6. Don't enter strangers homes
  7. Use crosswalks
  8. Carry a flashlight
  9. Stay on sidewalks
  10. Stay away from Homemade goods unless you know the cook
For the more ways to keep the kids safe, check out these valuable links:

Safety Tips from the CDC

Info from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Do you have any other Halloween safety suggestions?

*This asterisk covers us from any legal recourse if you fail to keep your kids safe on Halloween. I mean come on, we're a blog written by a couple of dads and our friend, Terry. Should we really be who you rely on for all your advice. I mean we just launched a month ago, how did you get by without us? Let's just shake hands and agree to disagree. Let's hug it out.

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