Monday, October 17, 2011

Burrito Baby

In preparation for K2, I tried to think of what frustrated me most when I was a new dad. At the top of the list was swaddling. I hated it at first, mostly due to the false advertising at the hospital. The nurse made it look so easy. Nice and tight every time. Under 10 seconds. Munch stopped crying immediately and looked so comfortable.

When I tried it at home? Disaster. Munch would keep crying. He'd wiggle his way out of it. Wifey would eventually push me aside saying, "Just let me do it." There was nothing worse to me than hearing that statement.

So—to make sure all of you dads look like rock stars, here's a quick guide or reminder on how to wrap up your newborn like a burrito and be the StuntDad that not only you want to be, but the StuntDad your wife wants you to be.

Items you can practice on:
  • Football
  • Watermelon
  • Cereal Box (seriously)
Trust me, once you nail this down, you will feel like a golden god.
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