Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stunt DARE: Make Your Own Awkward Family Photo

With Halloween just 48 hours from the grave and the holidays approaching, it's time to start planning a holiday card family photo. But instead of struggling to make everything perfect this year, lets take this mofo in the other direction and get freaky. Is Tommy hitting Sally? Perfect! Is everyone smiling except daddy? Even better! Is mommy dressed as slave Princess Leah (you remember the gold bikini)? Well done my friend!!

Your awkward family photo will spread joy and laughter throughout the years. So if you are ready to take on this Dare surf on over to and get yourself some motivation. Be prepared, the bar has been set pretty high. We've also included some of our personal favorites:

There are a couple of other great sites with some amazingly awkward family photos:
  • captures all of the moments that others would probably like to forget. I especially like this one:
  • And here are a couple of other random sites that have collected some great pictures, and While this photo is not exactly a holiday photo, I believe that this walrus has a present for the family:
  • And this one doesn't fall into awkward, we thought it was just too damned cool to now share with you. This guy got his family to dress up as zombie hunters and took pictures oft them in action (including actual zombies). Well played sir. Well played

And to sweetened the deal, once you have accomplished the dare, if you share your masterpiece with the Stunt Dad Nation, we'll put it on our Dare Wall and make you a card carrying member of Stunt Dad.

Decipher for yourself the line between WTF and WOW!
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