Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Pizza Friday!

Friday is the best day ever! It's not because I can throw caution to the wind and stay up past 10pm and check out what's on Skinemax. It's because it's PIZZA Friday! Protocol at the Stunt Ben house is to schedule nothing, turn down offers for poker with friends or a jam session with the old band and get home for pizza, a movie and quality family time (whether we want to or not).

What's Stuntastic about Pizza Friday?

1. It's scalable. Some Fridays it's a piece of bread, melted cheese and salami cut into circles, triangles, and octagons served with a side of pop quiz on shapes. Other Fridays it's Homemade Pizza kitchen or delivery from a favorite local pizza place that you actually went to BK (Before Kids). Whatever it is, the family knows we'll be home, together, and having fun.

2. No chores. Other nights can get cluttered with late nights at work, laundry, dishes, cleaning up the boys room or home repairs. But NOT on Pizza Friday! No laundry, no work, no cleaning up our rooms, nada. Pizza Fridays are just about family, food and a flick.

3. Easy cleanup. After a tough week it's nice not to have a big mess after dinner. When you order in for Pizza Friday, it comes in a box and leaves in a box. Use paper plates, paper cups, and eat with your hands. It leaves more time with the family and less time in the kitchen.

4. Leftovers! I'm a sucker for Pizza Breakfast on Saturday mornings.

5. It's Pizza. Enough said.

Who else is a Pizza Friday freak? Or what other food routines are out there in The Stunt Dad Nation? Taco Tuesday? Waldorf Salad Wednesdays? Or do you call out all the stops and pull off Thanksgiving Thursday?

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