Sunday, October 16, 2011

Walk Away Your Worries

Fatherhood = stress. Getting older, looking older, feeling older, kids calling you sir, teenagers calling you sir, adults calling you sir, old people calling you sir, paying the mortgage, wondering if you have the best mortgage, having a job, having to have a job, not always being able to hang with your friends, preferring hanging with your family than your friends, guilt for not wanting to hang with your friends, never being able to fix the house faster than others can break it, having to clean the house, wanting to clean the house, not being able to sleep because others can't sleep, doing your best to provide for others, hoping you are doing your best, wondering if you are indeed doing your best, never having a moments rest, wanting a moments rest, needing a moments rest...the list goes on for twenty or thirty years. But I am amazed at for 30, 60 or maybe even 90 minutes, all the stress, all the thoughts, all the worries can just melt away on a nice summer evening. When luck is on your side, the kids will nod off while they count the stars in the sky, a cool breeze will feed you smells that are not poop, puke, or something that has been between the couch cushions for 4 weeks and you will be able to enjoy the moment when everything seems calm and almost under control. Not every walk results in daddy nirvana. But when you get one that does, it makes a lifelong memory and all the frustrating walks well worth it. Try it. You'll like it.
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