Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are you a Dufflebag?

Let's face it, carrying an infant car seat sucks, even if the little one isn't in it.

They are cumbersome and are usually held 1 of 3 ways:

- The Dufflebag: Straight-arm, straight-down, straight shredding of your thighs
- The Grocerybag: Two hands, two arms, total security, total emasculation
- The Handbag: One arm, one crook of your elbow, one humbling experience

More often than not, we typically fall into the Handbag approach, right? Which means, as a dude, we suck up our pride and take ease over aesthetics. Thank you Louis Vuitton for not marketing to men.

But even still, the Handbag has its issues. The crook of my elbow got more and more sore as Munch began to grow. Two months post-Munch's arrival, the 10lb. carrier + the 10lb. Munch (which us Dads know, doesn't really equate to 20 lbs., right?) began to take its toll on the important things in life...
  • Raising and lowering my morning coffee
  • Perfecting my jump serve on Wii Beach Volleyball
  • Practicing for the 2015 Super Dad Arm Wrestling Championships
That's when a friend introduced us to the Wrap and Roll Infant Carrier Arm Pad, from Itzy Ritzy. This arm pad is a cushy bumper that wraps around the top of the infant carrier. Not only does it help with your arm going numb, it folds out to be used as a tummy time mat, changing pad, and blanket.

Your wife will love it and you will to.

What type of Bag Dad are you?

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1 comment:

  1. Such a fun write-up on a great product!! Thanks Stunt Dad! xoxo Itzy Ritzy