Tuesday, October 25, 2011

APP of the Week: Spin Art

In previous posts we have mentioned how kids like the box more than the contents, or that household items get more playtime than expensive toys. The same seems to apply to apps. I'm not sure who the intended audience for Spin Art was...but I can tell you it is loved by kids!! And what is not to love? You select a shape and spin it by swiping your finger across the screen. The faster you swipe, the faster it spins. Then you select colors and make a mess!! The paint splatters and the more you move your finger along the canvas, the more it piles on and makes art reminiscent of the old SpiroGraph. What you don't remember SpiroGraph? Click here to walk down memory lane, then buy the Spin Art app. It's all the fun of SpiroGraph but no mess and always in your pocket. Whaaaaaaaat? SpiroGraph in your pocket? That's Stuntastic!

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