Sunday, October 16, 2011

DadVersions: Because You Deserve 15 Minutes

Dadversions is our weekly contribution to keeping you sane. Every week we are going to collect our favorite random links that we think you will appreciate. So put the kids to bed, sit back and enjoy. You deserve it! Please be advised that you will be linking out to other sites that may be not suitable for work (NSFW) because of language or basic cable level of debauchery (what else would you expect from us), but we try to keep things pretty PG-15 here at StuntDad.

Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure:
Random Links:

Question of the Week: What is the one place you want to visit before you die? (without kids)
Here are ours:
  • Stunt Chad: The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
    This was the resort where they filmed Couples Retreat. While the movie left a lot to be desired, it definitely made me want to stay at the resort.
  • Stunt Ben: Tignes Ski Resort, France
    This is supposed to be a great place to snowboard, check out the scenery and have drinks after cutting up some powder. They also provide lots of resources for the kids and have an ice rink for when you need a change of pave and want to fall down inside.
  • Stunt Pete: Maldives
    Set off the coast of India, Maldives is an exotic paradise. Bright blue skies, all-year sunshine, white sand beaches, and supreme scuba diving in lagoons the temperature of bath water and the color of a Tiffany box.
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