Friday, October 14, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

This past weekend I didn't have anything planned, but I wanted to get Monkey out and about and wasn't feeling up to some of the usual's like the neighborhood playground. So instead we walked out the front door and I asked Monkey, "which way?". He pointed and we went. When we came up to the next intersection I asked again. Monkey enjoyed being in control of our journey and pointed us to many new adventures. I didn't have tickets, there was no parking meter, we had no schedule and were free to stare at ants for 15 minutes on the sidewalk or climb a tree. We spent 4 hours roaming aimlessly just enjoying each others company. And when we got home, we had lots of stories to tell mommy. Without Monkey's directions I never would have had a hotdog for breakfast, counted blue cars for 6 blocks, stopped to read the numbers on every front door and sing the ABC song to every dog

Next time you don't have a day planned out, try letting your child choose their day. To avoid the requests turning into trips to Disneyland or some other impossible last minute trip, just ask which direction they want to go, and let your feet follow their marching orders.
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