Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Weeks Stunt Dad DARE! - Buy flowers for no reason

Every week the dads at Stunt Dad HQ challenge the Stunt Dads out there in Metropolis and Main Street to step up and accept a dare. No, there is no decoder ring for a reward, but you will get smile from the people you love and care for every day. So suit up, stretch, and take the challenge like a man.

This weeks challenge: Buy Flowers
As busy fathers and husbands, we don't always appreciate the difference a bouquet of flowers could make in our loved ones life. We usually buy them to say thanks, I love you, please love me back, I'm sorry about the lake house incident of 2006 (that is a long story I can tell you later after the trial) or because we were told to buy them for that annoying get together tomorrow. But we don't buy them for no reason. So if you dare, stop by a flower shop, your local farmer's market or grocery store and pick up a bunch flowers. Cut the ends, put them in a vase and hopefully enjoy the benefits.
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