Saturday, February 25, 2012

100 Days for My Baby Girl: Day 100

Day 100
I don't know what's more difficult to believe: this project is coming to an end or that my daughter is almost 4 months old.

Time has certainly flown by, and while I've done some great things to remember this special time, such as her Time Capsule and Monthly Photo Journal, I haven't really been able to capture her movements or her sounds. This is the stage in life where she is full of giggles, smiles, and coos, just because she can.

This is also a stage that she will never remember, no matter how you try to explain it to her when she's older. When she's 5, she'll be able to remember what life was like at 3. But when's she 3, she won't be able to remember a thing. So, as much as this is for Wifey and I to capture, it's also to prove to her visually that she really was this tiny. And when she is throwing a tantrum, it would be nice to play the video and remind her that she was actually a sweet little happy bunny of a girl once up a time.

So, this day is going to be all about authentication. And here is what I’m planning to do:

Videotape my Daughter
God, that sounds horrible doesn't it? Or, do I just have that jaded of a mind? Well maybe a little, but the real idea here is to get a solid recording, not through an iPhone video, which ends up sucking when you try watching it on anything except your 2 inch phone screen, but a quality recording from a real video recorder. Something that will play nicely on a plasma screen and withstand the test of time. After all, these kind of things are pulled out for weddings and baby showers, right? Or, dare I pull a Google commercial and email it to a personal email address that I set up for her? It's not original, but its still pretty damn cute. Either way, I need K2's butt wiggling and mouth giggling at 1080p, the highest of the high definition.

For the last thing I do for the 100 Day project, I wanted to do something that would show her off now and 20 years from now. Something that is timeless. Something that would last forever. And, with this video I couldn't think of a better idea to wrap up my 100 Day project.

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. It's been a wild ride so far, and I'll check in from time to time with the latest and greatest thing I'm doing for K2.
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