Wednesday, February 22, 2012

100 Days for My Baby Girl: Day 97

Day 97
In a perfect world, my kids would see much, much more of our family than they currently do. One set of relatives lives in Canada, another group lives in California, and we live in Chicago. Aside from my parents and brother's family, the majority of our family does not live close.

Since we hold family in high regard in the Stunt Pete household, I want our relatives to be known by our little ones. I want our children to recognize an uncle when they walk in the door or get excited to see their cousin that they haven't seen a year. So instead of relying on sporadic visits to or from family, I'm going to bring family to us. While I'm not thinking about taking on permanent live-ins or building cardboard cut-outs of everyone, I do like the idea of keeping their images in constant view.

So, this day is going to be all about lineage. And here is what I’m planning to do:

Family Photo Poster for my Daughter
I am going to take pictures of 26 family members (luckily, I have a big family) and make a poster of them. This won't, however, be your typical family collage. Oh no. Since K2 is only 3 months old, and based upon our experience with her older brother at that age, she is probably going to respond more to cartoons than real-looking images. So I'm going to take those 26 pictures and create photo caricatures of them, using the Cartoon Photo website. I am then going to assign a letter of the alphabet to each one of the cartooned images based upon the individual's name. As much as I would love it if each family member's name started with a different letter, there will, in fact, be overlap. So I'm going to have to be creative. Additionally, K2's room is themed with the following colors: Chocolate Brown, Green, and Pink (we were inspired by the poopy diapers and vomit). So I'm going to incorporate those colors into the poster. Eventually, this poster will be somewhere in the 11" x 17" range. Below is a work-in-progress snapshot (you can tell I'm not the one who makes all of our Stunt Dad art).

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