Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stunt Dad Work Out: Toddler Required

After countless hours researching Heidi Klum for my Nanny Dress Code post, I learned that Heidi attributes her healthy shape to chasing after her kids. This inspired me to create the following Stunt Dad workout exercises, that also serves as a decent back peddle when you call your kids dumb bell in public.

1. Zurbert curls. Stretch our your arms out with palms facing up and have dumb bell (child) lay perpendicular across them facing up. Secure dumb bell by holding onto leg farthest from your body and wrap your other hand in between their arm and body and hold tightly. Slowly curl arms lifting giggling child up towards your chest. Then give unsuspecting child a zurbert. Child will relentlessly ask you to do it again like a highly paid trainer.

2. Smell my butt tricep press. Stand against a bed or couch facing away with the backs of your calves touching the couch or bed. Pick up kid and throw over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes, facing down head over your shoulder. Call child a sack of potatoes. Grab child's ankles and slowly let child slide down your back. Command child to smell your butt. Then straighten arms to the ceiling lifting laughing child's face above your butt. Child will ask hysterically to repeat exercise. Do no more than 5 repetitions at a time, making sure not to leave child upside down or by your butt too long.

3. Gitty up horsey push ups. Let child sit on back while doing push ups. Start while they are young so you don't embarrass yourself.

4. Dust the top shelf squats/lat press. Give child a duster. Bend knees, grab child under the arms and lift by straightening legs, making sure not to lock your knees. Then extend arms up to the ceiling lifting child in position to clean the top shelf. Slowly lower child with arms then legs while whispering expletives under your breath.

5. Chase child. Find a reason to chase child. Their squirmy, winding, twisting will workout more muscles in your ankles, knees and legs than any professional trainer can do and you will have way more fun in the process.

Any other creative ways to use a child as workout equipment? Please let us know in the comments.

- Stunt Ben  

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