Thursday, February 23, 2012

100 Days for My Baby Girl: Day 98

Day 98
One of the best experiences of my life occurred three months after I graduated college. I boarded a plane, flew half-way 'round the world to Melbourne, Australia, and backpacked up and down the eastern coastline for the next year. I saw a part of the world that most people only read about in magazines. I met people from more countries than I can remember. And left Australia as a completely different person than when I entered... a person for the better.

Do I think it should be a law that young adults spend time outside of our country, meeting people from around the world, and experiencing different cultures? In fact, I do. I think it should be written in stone that life is too short to spend it in the state of Illinois or whatever state one lives in. The United States totals 3,794,083 square miles, accounting for just 2% of the Earth's total surface. We are a blip on a map. So do yourself and/or your children a favor, and get the hell out of our country and experience another part of this Big Blue Marble, if you haven't already. 

So, this day is going to be all about destination. And here is what I’m planning to do:

A Plane Ticket Out of the Country for my Daughter
No, I'm not sending my 3-month-old daughter to Australia. But for the next 22 years, I will be putting away $10 a month for my daughter to use towards a plane ticket out of the country when she graduates college. Will +$2,500 cover her plane ticket come 20 years? Not sure—but it should will help. And thanks to banking's automated transfer service, I can set this up tomorrow and completely forget about it. One of the biggest barriers about leaving our country is the money it costs to go somewhere else. On her graduation day, when other kids are going to be getting career advice, framed diplomas, or a stuffed teddybear in a graduation gown, K2 will receive a plane ticket to the destination of her choice. Where she goes and how soon she returns is something I can't predict, but I will guarantee one thing—she will have the time of her life, and as you can see below, just like her daddy did...

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  1. I totally agree! Once our son gets a bit older (only 2 now) we intend to let him choose a few family destinations (must involve passport) in middle/high school and then make him in charge of researching what to see there, a bit of the language, currency, etc. We think this will be a great way to learn about travel planning so he will feel more comfortable navigating as an adult when he doesn't know the language, things don't look the same, etc. There is a LOT to see out there in the world and we think seeing it is a great gift to him.