Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Love You! Would You Like Us?

It has been almost three months since we first launched Stunt Dad. During that time, we have created great relationships with many of you, but we want to take this relationship further. I don't know if it is Valentine's day or the ten vodka tonics...but we want to tell you something. We love you. We love the way you come to our site. We love the way you share our site with your friends. We love how you see us and yell "Oh my God!!! It's the Stunt Dads!" Then women throw their undergarments at us, and men weep openly because they can't be as awesome as we are (alright, that never happened, but it should). 
Would it be too forward to say that we made you a mix tape? Something with a nice mix of Boys II Men and Motorhead?? Also, we made dinner reservations for us at the local Tilted Kilt. Sure their food isn't that good, but doesn't it feel great to help a young lady pay her way through beauty school...anyway, why can't I just come out and ask? I mean, I know you like us, right? I mean, why would you be here if you didn't like us? See, there I go again...we just need a sign or a gesture to show how much you care. What kind of sign? What kind of gesture? Well, no need to go crazy...don't show up with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel. And you don't need to come to our bedside everyday and retell the story of how we fell in love. We are easy...just click the Like button in the right hand corner and leave comments in our articles...maybe tell a friend or 1000 about us...ok, maybe flowers would be nice too...but that's it. No pressure. No worry about "labels." Let's keep it breezy. We are just happy to have you in our life. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Stunt Dad.

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