Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Die Daddy Initiative: Crossing The Mendoza Line

Warning!! Warning!! The following post is full of proud bragadocious statements that are written to draw praise and acknowledgment of effort. Please only read if you are prepared to make me feel as if I have accomplished a major achievement (on the level of disease cure or discovery of an animal that was believed to be lost long ago) or that I am in some way have made the world a better place.... You have been warned....

Oh, who is that handsome bastard I see in the mirror this morning?  That lean mean dad machine... is me! Damn right. I am proud to say that I have officially crossed the Mendoza line today. For those of you that don't know what that means... I am weighing in under 200 lbs. Actually 198. That means that I am officially 20 pounds into the goal of 50. Not bad for 12 weeks... but the work has just begun.

I started hitting the gym three weeks ago and I am loving it. My schedule looks something like this:

  • Mondays is 15 minutes on the bike, upper body workout (full on pec wailing) and a mile run to wrap everything up
  • Tuesdays is a 4 mile run... it actually started out as a 2 mile run two weeks ago and then I talked myself up to 3... and then if you are in for 3, you might as well be in for 4
  • Wednesday is the same as Monday with some lower body worked in
  • Thursday is the same as Tuesday... but did I mention I wake up at 5:00 and do that at the gym because I have clients that day (please insert applause for getting my dead butt out of bed, dressing, driving to the gym and actually running... instead of just lying to the wife and sleeping for another hour on the couch)
  • Friday is the same as Monday and Tuesday
  • Saturday... nothing. Straight up gluttony day. Donut lifting and pizza curls. 
  • Sunday... Random fun activity. I am trying to start a regular basketball game
I figure if I keep this up, then I am on target to meet my goal in 12 weeks. This will require sticking to my 1,400 calorie diet and not allowing for too many excuse days. The great part is, the deeper I get in, the more I want to keep it up. 

The great part of this whole thing is how it is impacting my whole family. Looking back, I know I was a bad influence on the kids. I was the king of candy rewards. The dealer of donuts.  The prince of "Let's get Pizza". It actually started getting so bad, that my daughter thought that every meal should end with a "treat". I can actually remember saying "If you don't eat your pizza, then you won't get any cake." Wow! Now that daddy is in lockdown, so are the little ones. I am happy about this because I always worried about how my poor choices were impacting them. I think that as they see their dad eat healthier and attend the gym on a regular basis, then they will think that is just what you are supposed to do. 

So to recap... I'm awesome. I'm killing the challenge. And I will probably be named Mr. Fitness in 2013. Thank you again for holding your applause until the end of the post. 
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  1. That's awesome - and difficult to keep it going in the winter.