Sunday, February 19, 2012

100 Days for My Baby Girl: Day 94

Day 94
Under a week to go, and we've watched our little girl grow like a weed. She has completely outgrown the 0-3 outfits and most of her 3-6's. She fits comfortably into clothes that she shouldn't be in for another 3 months, which makes me think that she'll be needing 18 month clothes when she turns 1.

Which is great news, because she will likely be walking and it will be November, which is the of the year for college sports. College football is winding down and college basketball is heating up. And what better way to celebrate this time than by showing off where Mommy and Daddy went to college and fortunately for K2, we both have the same alma mater. Unfortunately for K2, I am sucker for matching outfits between parent and baby. Some people adore it, some people became nauseous. You can see where this is going: I'm one who absolutely loves it.

So, this day is going to be all about coordination. And here is what I’m planning to do:

Prepare my Daughter to Become a Mini-Me
As my daughter, K2 is going to need to be ready for tailgating. So I'm going to start loading up on football gear for her, which includes:
  • Game day football jersey: any self-respecting fan wears this to a football game, so we might as well have her start from day 1
  • Sippy cup: whether its milk or water, she's got to have something to chug it down with
  • Camo beanie: it's Iowa, and sadly, this is actually a fashion statement
  • Booties: again it's Iowa, a warm day in November is slightly above freezing
  • Chuck Taylors: the girl will need some kind of style to combat the Camo
  • Jammies: after a hard day of partying and cheering, she'll need something to pass out in
To see how her gear stacks up against mine, check out the comparison below. All in all, she's a girl after my own heart. I just hope she doesn't do half the things I did in college—gulp!

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