Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An App to Fill Your Appetite...In 30 Minutes or Less

So, all you Stunt Dads out there. I recently embarked upon the use of a new app—an app that really impressed me (now granted, I was more than a few beers deep into the night, so let's keep that in mind).

It was another typical night—several hours spent on a bar stool, the consumption of quite a few adult beverages, and a sudden craving for some good ol' greasy American food. But where could I go in my neighborhood seeing how most restaurants' kitchens close by 11.00pm and I was leaving the bar early at 12.30am? Well luckily for me there was the Dominos Pizza app.

From the moment I pulled it up on my iPhone, it was as seamless and easy to use as could be. Now before I continue, for those of you who don't have iPhones (Android, CrackBerry, etc.) I have no idea if this app works for you. I assume it does, but I really try not to worry myself with the experience of non-iPhone users. Quite frankly, if you don't have an iPhone, then you have other problems to tend to rather than worrying about ordering a pizza at 12.30am (I think that was one of Apple's tv commercials, right?). But I digress.

To start, you pop in your address, find your nearest location, enter coupons and specials—you can do it all. The large buttons makes selecting your food items easy—especially when you're staggering down the sidewalk. But the best part of all is yet to come.

When this baby truly kicks into gear is once you place your order. The Domino's Pizza Tracker screen takes you through a continuously updating interface—a red bar at the top is sectioned into 5 areas. It tracks the status of your order down to the most specific details. In fact, it even tells you the names of the people at your local location who are working on your order! This is when I had my Bill and Ted moment—I literally said, "DUDE!"

So while I stood there, I saw that Randy was starting to make my pizza. I followed the process along as he put it in the oven to bake. But the best part was Step 4: Delicious Check Complete. It's the step where Randy checked on my pizza to ensure that it would be at its most delicious when cooked and delivered! Are you kidding me?! Too cool. Thanks, Randy.

And finally, it told me that Mohamed was packing up my pie and was on his way to my place. And wouldn't you know it, 10 minutes later, I had me a big ol' pizza pie in my hot little hands. It was on time. And it was fantastic.

So the next time you need a quick and easy way to order some midnight munchies, try out the Domino's Pizza USA app. It's a good way to avoid both a slurred phone conversation as well as The Noid.

So you have any other food apps? Or easy ways to make food magically appear at my doorstep by clicking my phone? Let us know in the comments below.
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