Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dadversions: Because You Deserve 15 Minutes to Yourself

ALRIGHT!! Here we go! Are you ready for some football?! Super Bowl Sunday! How pumped are you? The anticipation of the game, the humor of the tv commercials, the excitement of Madonna's halftime show. Wait, Madonna at halftime? Really? Sure, she looks great for 53, and all. Sure, she's a legend. But is that the best we could do, fellas? Heck, we may as well flip over and watch Puppy Bowl VIII on Animal Planet. When I think of the halftime of the Super Bowl, I don't think of the Queen of Pop and Club music. Come on, NBC—where's the testosterone? Where's the power chords? What we need is some good hard ROCK-N-ROLL!!

While ABC may have failed you, we have not. If you need to get your fix of high-energy, high-octane, high-flyin', stylin', and profilin' rock drummin', then watch the link below: 

ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man (Crazy Drummer)

Now this isn't the original. Oh no. It's a cover. A cover like no other. The Band from Virginia, Rick K & the Allnighters featuring Steve Moore on drums. And "more" is what he brings. Now don't let the 40 second intro scare you away—in fact, the intro helps set the tone. Are these guys playing in a church? Anyway, just watch the drummer. He must have trademarks on all his moves: the head-wrap-around, the look-out-scout, heck—he even does the Pete Townshend windmill on the freaking drums!! Animal, eat your heart out.

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