Friday, December 2, 2011

100 Days For My Baby Girl: Week 3

Week 3
The third week of parenthood is known to most as "baby blues" week. After two weeks of being in "la-la land" where everything is simply amazing, from baby curling her toes to baby blinking her eyes to baby spitting up on daddy's shirt during Thanksgiving dinner while he was passing the cranberries in turn causing him to drop said cranberries on his lap and forcing him to knock the table with his knees thus spilling red wine in his mashed potatoes and making him realize that it was 7:00pm and that he now will spend the rest of the night with a long white stain on his dark shirt and a purple-black blotch in the groin area of his khakis pants. But, I digress. The precious, amazing first two weeks are dreamlike, whereas Week 3 is the wake-up call—the time when Dad who maxed out their paternity leave is going back to work, where mom is having the kid(s) solo from 9-5, and reality officially sets in. And with this reality comes the worst thing that can happen to a new parent: time to think.
  • To think about whether you will be a good parent.
  • To think about whether it will ever get better as a parent.
  • Or, to think about whether you made a mistake by becoming a parent.
But, there is a solution. Instead of worrying about how you might mentally damage your newborn before he or she reaches preschool, start focusing on the perks of the new family addition: I just saved a bunch of money on my tax return by claiming my newborn as a dependent! So, Week 3 is going to be all about celebration—and here are two things I'm planning on doing:

#1: Framed Picture at Work
It took me 3 months before I got around to putting up a picture of Munch at work, and when I did, it made me smile every single time I looked at it. I want that same feeling with K2, so upon returning to work, K2 is going to be put on display. But not "CafePress-ing" her onto office-related items such as a: calendar, mouse pad, coffee mug, post-it-note pad, iPhone case, calculator, shoe horn. Not to say she isn't beautiful or that I'm not proud of her or that I don't want to show her off, because she is, and I am, and I do. I just want to do it in a tasteful way. Something nice. Something simple. Something intimate. I already have my favorite picture of her (ok, so its the only one with her eyes open, but still—it's my favorite) and I'm going to find a frame that doesn't say obnoxious like: "A Star is Born" or a "Daddy's Little Princess" or a "Future Diva". Something unobtrusive. Something that won't take away from her. Something that will let her shine. And, it's going to just be her. No Wifey, no Munch, no other family. Just her, making me, and whoever else looks her way, smile.

#2: Family and Friends Brunch
Nothing means more to us than family and friends, and nothing is more fun than throwing a party, so I'm thinking—why not combine the two and introduce K2 to the people she will come to know and love? Not a Friday night cocktail hour in the city or a Saturday night kegger in the suburbs (although it does sound pretty sweet right now), but a chill, relaxed Sunday afternoon brunch, giving people the option to come and go as they please. Not only is it for K2, but also something for Wifey to look forward to. However, the lone rule for any visitors is that they must hold K2 and get their picture taken with her before leaving because Daddy will be making a scrapbook of the day. And 20 years down the road, when K2 will be better acquainted with these same family and friends, we can look back and see everyone and everything from that special day. To see how much younger (and presumably thinner) we were. To see how Uncle Larry never quite felt comfortable holding her. And, to see evidence of her Nana drinking beer upside down while doing a handstand (random, I know, but a family tradition). But more importantly, she can appreciate and value the meaning of family and friends.

Celebrating is subjective. Some scream from the rooftops, some whisper in ears. Like most things in life, I fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I want to tell, but not shout. I want to hold, but not coddle. I'm hoping my little girl feels the love, but doesn't get overwhelmed by it. If nothing else, I'll have a bunch of pretty pictures on my desk throughout the years and a really fun party to remember for the rest of my life.

Are you doing anything for your baby girl that I can copy???? =)

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