Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Chaos: Day 2

On the second day of Christmas Chaos I would like the Universe to give to me…. two days with buds. 

Part of the story behind the holiday season is the ability to get together with the ones you love. Elaborate events are planned. Ridiculous dinners are created. Decadent deserts are devoured. The only trouble with this is that it is often at the neglect of the ones you truly want to be with...your friends. Sure you get to spend 5 hours with a cousin that you haven't seen in 3 years and listen as he preaches about what is wrong with the modern World Wrestling Federation (he really seems to have something against somebody called John Cena). Of course, you do get to hear all about your Aunt's recent gynecological surgery while she dives into a heaping plate of mashed potatoes. And yes, nothing can quite top the eventual discussion about who gets what whenever the resident patriarch dies ("Chad, I really want you to have your grandpa's collection of Nazi soldier ears when I die. Don't let (insert cousin) get them, he will just sell them on the internets."). But while all of this is quite entertaining, I really just want to hang out with my friends for a while.

As a father you rarely have time for yourself and even less time for friends. I see my friends maybe once a month and it is usually part of a "family play date" where I cart my kids over to their house and instead of yelling at our kids by ourselves, we get to do it together. Sure we get to have the cursory "How is the job going? Have you heard from so and so?" discussions, but it never really gets to that deep level that it use to before kids. With all of the running around between drop offs for practices, attending children's birthday parties and the focus on checking things of the to do list, the month comes and goes so quick. By the time we finally get together, I am barely there.

A dream scenario would be a nice two day trip somewhere where I can get together with my closest friends from over the years. 48 hours of uninterrupted time together with the singular goal of really hanging out. It doesn't have to be anything excessive, although if we could integrate a gyro machine into the day, it would be fantastic. But if that is not possible, I would be happy with a couple cases of Shiner beer and a PlayStation 3. There is nothing better than drinking and video games with friends on a cold day.

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