Saturday, December 24, 2011

3 Tips on how NOT to kill Santa

C-Day is almost upon us. We have bought gifts, visited Santa, sent video messages to the little believers using, delivered wish lists, purchased cookies and milk and have used the coming of Santa to get our kids to brush their teeth, clean their rooms and fill out 6 months worth of our delinquent expense reports. But be careful, one small slip up and the magic of Santa will disappear into thin air and you will doing your own expense reports come next December. Here are 3 tips to keeping the magic alive.

  1. Make sure presents from Santa don't appear before the big day unless you have a really good story. This means finding a good hiding spot to store presents that you can access the night of the crime without waking the wee ones. The car trunk seems to be a favorite of parents and organized crime around the world.
  2. If Santa wrapped your presents and left a card, be careful with the handwriting. It was the handwriting that destroyed Christmas for me. That and my family can't stand giving credit of their generosity to a fictional character. Clearly they opted to do their own expense reports. The best way to hide Santa's handwriting is to cut out letters from a magazine like a ransom note, or just use your ink jet printer.
  3. Check the wrapping paper. Using the same wrapping paper as Santa isn't a coincidence, it's sloppy and is sure to raise an eyebrow. Some families avoid this common giveaway by not wrapping presents from Santa at all. Others leave wrapping paper out with milk and cookies the night before and let the little ones know that Santa and his helpers wrap the presents right there in front of the tree before whisking away to the next good little boy's or girl's house.
How about you? What Stuntastic hurdles do you jump through to keep the magic alive?
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  1. #2 is KEY! I think my parents simply switched it up a bit: printed names instead of writing in cursive, used a green or red color ink, and didn't use the same little name cards that were on the rest of the gifts. And the wrapping paper is big too. I like the idea of leaving paper out for Santa (accounts for the same paper being used)—but then, how the heck does Santa have time to deliver all those gifts AS WELL AS wrap them at each house? And what if mom and dad don't leave out enough paper to cover the large box? That Kenner Star Wars Millennium Falcon box was BIG! You mean Santa didn't really... you mean it wasn't... you mean there isn't a ... oh man...