Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Chaos: Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas Chaos I would like the universe to give to me….4 Extra Nerds.

When did it come standard that every dad must also be a technical genius on the side? No matter if it is a gift I am giving or receiving, I know that I committed to probably three hours of technical support per item. From setting it up to the eventual “I can’t get on the Googles” phone call. Every electronic device comes with a minimum of 6 batteries and 4 f bombs at least. There are usually little to no setup instructions and if there are, they assume that you have a PHD in Computer Science. Or the real kicker is when you finally get the gift up and running, it is bound to not work the exact way it was described.

And it is not just electronics goods, it is also the toys. Everything now comes with a usb cord, a necessary blue tooth connection or even worse, the need to set-it up by downloading something. Children do not seem to understand the term buffering.
Even the simple toys like dolls and cars are getting more complicated.  Hot Wheels just came out with a car that has a microcamera in it and a small screen where kids can record their “adventures”. The commercials describe the hours of enjoyment that kids will have creating their own mini movies. You know what I see?? A nonstop parade of “Daddy, it doesn’t work anymore” fits. I will then spend the only free hour I have a day trying to get this piece of plastic to work for another of couple of days until it is either dropped down a flight of stairs or chucked across the living room (probably by me on the latter).

So here is what I need universe…4 extra nerds to come over and set everything up in advance.  I will then wrap them. Pass them out. Take all of the credit.  And then actually get to do the things that I see happen on all of those Happy Days Christmas specials…playing games, eating pie and talking to the underage girl that Fonzie brought to the festivities. 

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