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100 Days for My Baby Girl: Week 11

Week 11
Blue eyes or brown? Blond hair or dark? Social butterfly or bookworm? These are the questions that have been debated between Wifey and I this week.

However, caucasian baby eyes don't change color until about 6-9 months, if they are going to change. K2 is currently bald, so it will be a long time before we see what hair color she has (my hair went from toe head to brown when I was 8 years old). And, she's not even remote close to walking, let alone reading. So why do we ask ourselves these questions so early on in our little girl's life? Because we are parents, that's why!

While, it's our job to plan ahead, see what's on the horizon, and be prepared, quite frankly, it's just fun to sit around and talk about what she's going to be like when she grows up. Every time she giggles, I laugh and say, "she's going to be a comedian just like mommy!" Every time she cries, I sigh and say, "she's  going to be fussy just like daddy." But, every time she kicks her feet and swats her hands, Wifey and I both smile proudly and say, "she's going to be athletic, just like both of us." No matter what age K2 is, we are both going to be well ahead of her, getting ready for the ups and downs that are sure to come.

So, Week 11 is going to be all about anticipation. And, here are two things I'm planning on doing:

#1: "Top 10" Contest for My Daughter
Now you know where my son gets his gambling from. Yes, it's true—I will be organizing a family and friends contest to correctly guess key progress throughout K2's life by focusing on the top 10 milestones that are absolutely critical for her to achieve or be confirmed after 1 year.
  1. Eye color
  2. Hair color
  3. Number of teeth
  4. Will she have had a haircut
  5. Will she be walking (on her own)
  6. Will she say both "mama" and "dada" (to the correct parent)
  7. Will she be able to give a "high-5" (on command)
  8. Will Daddy have a classic "she pooped on me", "she peed on me", "both" story
  9. Over/under (5) on the number of public places we will have abruptly left due to a K2 meltdown
  10. How far will she be able to throw Munch's Iowa Hawkeye Mini-Football (in inches) Tie-breaker: what inappropriate word will K2 have mastered saying
Each completed entry will also have a $25 fee. This fee gets them a seat at K2's 1-year birthday party, where the winners will be announced (1st, 1st runner-up, honorable mention). Not only will the prize money generate a lot of interest in keeping tabs on K2, but it will also force them to come to the birthday party. And you know what that means? More people=more free stuff for K2=less stuff Mommy and Daddy have to spend on K2= more money we get to spend on ourselves=leather recliner? Projection TV? Bose surround system? A father can dream, can't he?
#2: Set up a College Fund for My Daughter
Would you miss $100 a paycheck? Me too. But—I can stomach it, knowing that tax free money will be going to my little girl for her to go to college. At this rate: 2x a month, 12 months a year, for 18 years will build a little nest egg for her. Now, the good news is that will equate to upwards of $40,000 a year. The bad news is that may be good enough for just her freshman year of high school. 20 years ago, the average 4-year university cost $12,185 per year. Two years ago? $20,986. Which is nearly doubled. So, looking ahead to the year 2029, and thinking one year alone could amount to ~$40,000 a year??? Well, at least one year will be paid for. So, it looks like we will be looking for a new house in a school district that offers college credit classes!!!

Somehow, this posting kind of suggests that kids cost money. While that was not intentional, I suppose its unavoidably true. But—if you plan accordingly, like conning those closest to you in order to have a kick ass home theater or sacrificing a little bit of money now to find out that it wasn't nearly enough in the future, it might make you feel a little better about the cash your little ones will bleed you dry for over the next 18-20 years.

What am I missing? What else could I be doing for my baby girl?

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