Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Louie C.K.: An Amazingly Funny Take on Parenthood

If you don't know who the pasty faced balding man to the left is...then you are missing out my friend. To all my fellow fathers out there, I would like to introduce you to Louie C.K., world's greatest comic and maybe the most honest father on the planet.

Louie has recently released a hour long special that you can download for only $5. I guarantee you that this will be the best $5 you will ever spend (unless you either encounter a man with magic beans or an all-you-can-kiss Natalie Portman kissing booth). There is a solid 20 minutes of the most honest take on fatherhood ("I am more bored than I love you right now.") you will ever hear. Here is a quick preview, but I highly recommend that you pull out that credit card and indulge yourself in 60 minutes of satisfaction that there are other parents out there that think like you.

(***Please note that Mr. C.K. uses the entire lexicon available including several not-sutitable-for-work words. If you are easily offended, or you sit outside of your boss's office, then maybe you should go check out some old Yakov Smirnoff clips.)

I also really love his take on fatherhood that he recorded for CBS Morning.

And finally, a painfully true take on what it is like to raise girls vs. boys.

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