Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Blame It On Bad Parenting

We all know the saying, you can't judge a book by it's cover...but you sure can judge the author. For every brooding malcontent you see at your local mall, there are probably a mother and father somewhere that can be blamed for most of this child's actions. How can a beautiful baby grow up to be these????, I blame it on bad parenting.

The Emo Boy 

Yes, life is depressing. Yes, your teenage years can be difficult. Yes, the Smiths are really good to listen to on a rainy day. Yes, Hot Topics has a lot of cool clothing options to choose from... but come on man. Speaking as a father, there is no way that this is the result of parental emotional investment. Get over here you little doe eyed emo rapscallion, let daddy give you a hug and take you to a ball game.

Look At My Crazy Hair Kid 
 "Look at me dad. Look at me dad. Do you see me now? Can I get your attention for just one moment? Put down the paper and look at me. Fine! I am going to keep growing this mohawk until you truly see me dad."

The My Father Didn't Love Me Face Tattoo 
 Little Johnny here obviously always harbored the soul of a painter. He tried mightily to showcase his talents to his parents with drawings he would leave on the fridge, but his parents did not recognize his need for artistic recognition. Without proper guidance, Johnny was left to his own devices and quickly fell in with the wrong crowd. They appreciated his drawings. They appreciated when he would put them on their refrigerator. Seeking a way to show the world his passion for the arts, Johnny did what any reasonable individual would do, cover his face in satanic tattoos. It's like having a walking portfolio that even his parents can't overlook.

The Trying Too Hard To Be Alternative Teenager

Sure we all go through a rebellious stage in our life. We cut our hair a little weird. We wear controversial clothing. We listen to loud music. But there always has to be one kid that takes it too far. This is that kid. And I will bet every nickel I have in my pocket there is father at home that rode him hard to always take it to the next level when it came to little league sports. After recognizing that his son did not have the skills to play high school sports, he gave on the boy. Left with a will to take everything to the "next level" this walking metal shop became the guy that doesn't know when he has taken rebellion too far.

Michael Jackson 

I don't think I need to say too much here, but for those of you that don't know, here are the cliff notes:  Don't treat your child like a singing and dancing meal ticket and stunt their eventual growth into manhood. It doesn't end well for anybody but the strangely white and blonde children that are left with all of his money. 

So What do you think Stunt Dad Nation? Is it fair to judge parents by the looks of their children? Do you have any examples that you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below. 
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  1. I agree with you. Parents end up with messed up kids when they don't put their time and effort into them. Then, quite ironically, they usually go on to blame the kids and modern day society fir it rather than recognize that it was their own bad parenting.

    1. i understand where you come from on that comment. my teenage daughter is going through a lot right now and i blame it on myself completely. i have not been spending time with her or caring for her like i should be

    2. yes i feel the same way about my son. i need to spend more time with him and pay attention to him like i should have been since the divorce with my husband.. things havent been to great for him and i tend to push him away.

    3. I am sure you are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work and giving the love you know they need. They will appreciate it in the long run.