Friday, January 6, 2012

100 Days for My Baby Girl: Week 8

Week 8
Wow, 2 months! While the little one is getting more familiar with his or her surroundings and voices,  the quality alone time between you and your wife has reached an all-time low. After all, the past 60 days, 1,440 hours, and 86,400 minutes have been all about your new addition to the family and not about the two people who brought junior(ette) into the world. Your life has been about wipin' and diapin' baby's behind, not tappin' or pattin' momma's behind. Either way, you've probably experience some kind of frustration with everyone or everything in your house at this point. Whatever the reason (no time! no energy! no interest! ouch.) it's important to use this time to do what you need to do by "stunting up." Show the love. Show the passion. Show the warmth. Show your baby-mama and baby junior that you adore the #$% out of them. So, Week 8 is going to be all about affection. And, here are two things I'm planning on doing:

#1: Take My Wife On A Date
Yes, I owe this to my wife. She went through 9 months of labor, several bust, err waist sizes, and has been breastfeeding for two months. I want her to know that she and I are still more than just two people raising a baby. I'm not going to take her to a movie where we sit in the dark and don't speak for two hours (we'd both fall asleep). I'm not going to take her to a bar for way too many drinks (we'd both argue who would have to wake up at 3am to feed the baby... and we'd both fall asleep). And I'm not going to take her to our favorite restaurant (we'd end up over analyzing the price of the meal and whether it was truly worth it... and we'd both fall asleep). Instead, I'm going to plan nothing. No reservations. No commitments. No agenda. Once our babysitter arrives, we'll give her a high-five, head out the door, and spend the next three hours doing whatever happens to draw our interest. If we feel active, we'll go ice skating at Millenium Park. If we feel lazy, we'll go on the Architecture Boat Tour. If we get horny, we'll go find an alley. For those 180 minutes, we are going to be 'just a couple' again, doing whatever we used to as 'just a couple', and enjoying the freedoms that come with being 'just a couple.' 

#2: Read My Favorite Book To My Daughter
I'm not talking about the latest board book from Sandra Boynton or one of Mother Goose's nursery rhymes—this is about MY favorite book. The book I've read more times than I can remember, the book I recommend when someones says, "I need a good book to read," or the book I'd read to escape into when my little princess cries for hours on end (oh, sorry—of course she doesn't do that. She's a perfect angel). This is the book that I want my little girl to identify me with—for better or for worse. And, for me, that book is Tourist Season by Carl Hiaasen. It, and others by him, are still some of the only books that make me laugh out loud and wipe tears from my eyes. His books are wacky, zany, and satirical—which sum up some of my best qualities, or worst, depending on who you talk to. Either way, my daughter will get to know who I am through this book, whether she ends up liking what she finds out or not. 

After 2 months, remember that you have 2 girls in your life. Take Wifey wherever works best for you two and read to your daughter whatever resonates most with you. Take care of them both and they'll take care of you. Figuratively, and with a little luck, literally.

Are you doing anything for your baby girl that I can copy???? =)

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