Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dadversions: Because You Deserve 15 Minutes to Yourself

Let's be honest, dads—nobody really watches the Pro Bowl. But how are we supposed to get through a Sunday with no entertainment. Fear not—DADversions is back! In this week's installation from Stunt Dad, we feature a group of guys who've answered the age old question: "Who would win in a rap battle, Christopher Columbus or Captain Kirk?" Well wonder no more. You can judge for yourself.

Meet BoomTubers, Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter—a duo researches, writes, and performs "Epic Rap Battles of History." With a catalog of performances growing by the month on YouTube, their painstakingly-produced and well-staged episodes pit various historical figures against one another. Who's the better writer, Dr. Seuss or William Shakespeare? Who's the bigger brainiac, Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking? Who's the worst villain, Darth Vader or Adolph Hitler? The decision is up to you.

After meeting at a party in Chicago, this pair plus one other started performing and developing this model in 2010 as an improve game in a rap improve show. Shortly after the production wrapped, they decided to give it new life on YouTube. And working in conjunction with Maker Studio in California, they did just that.

And their hard work really pays off. They use some of the most specific details about their subject's lives to craft witty and what-the-f*ck humor. But enough from us—you be the judge.

While many of the short videos can get pretty graphic, we've suggested a few that are more on the "clean" side. If you like what you see, you can dig into the archives yourself and get to the really good stuff. So check out this short list of Epic Rap Battles of History:

Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare

Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers

Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

Napoleon vs Napoleon

Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin

Columbus vs Captain Kirk

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