Saturday, November 19, 2011

T-Shirt + Sports Logo=Perfect Gift

With the announcement of K2 coming in November, friends and family were quick to provide us with “big brother” clothes for Munch.

One of the best came in the form of a silk screened T-Shirt reading: Blackhawks logo + BIG BRO 1 via


Winter Classic. January 1, 2009. First-ever hockey game at Wrigley Field. An "Original 8" match-up between my beloved Chicago Blackhawks vs. the hated Detroit Red Wings. And, it was our first date (Wifey + Me).

I stole, err, adopted this idea for a few friends. You can go as straight-laced or as wacky as you want to get. Some of my personal creations are below:
  • Mahoning Valley Scrappers mascot on front and RyGuy #1 on back (The Scrappers are my friend's fantasy baseball team and Ryan is his son's name)
  • Face of Keyser Soze on front and Big Earl #3 on back (The Usual Suspects was the movie my co-worker and his wife were watching when she went into labor and Earl was their 3rd child)
  • Panda Express logo on front and TBD #99 on back (My distant cousin spent a year backpacking China, and no one will ever know how many kids he left behind)
For a "cost-effective" alternative, check out our previous Stunt Dad posting Onesies That are The Twosies.

Has anyone else gave or received other fun "custom" made t-shirts?

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