Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adults Have Temper Tantrums Too!

The other day Monkey did not want to drive home from school. He demanded that we walk. Unfortunately for him and his demands, daddy was double parked and daddy didn't have the stroller. Walking wasn't an option...period. We sat on the steps for the next 15 minutes while he cried and I tried to bribe him promises of ice cream and the eventual adoption of puppies. He didn't budge. So finally daddy laid down the law. "Monkey, it's time to go. We have to get in the car, now." This did not go well. Monkey flipped, squirmed and cried. The scene ended in daddy carrying him to the car and him screaming "don't take me" as I put him into the car waiting for the police to show up and arrest me for abducting my own son.

Have you been the target of a terrible tantrum? The source of the supermarket scream fest? The victim of a full on, daddy I hate you and want to change my name to mommy's maiden name meltdown?  

A visit to kids health will tell you the obvious. Kids get frustrated because they can't control their environment, because they need attention or because they can't communicate what they want. WebMD also has a little advice on how to manage:
  • Make sure Jr gets enough rest
  • Look for things that might be stressing them out
  • Don't react too strongly or give in.
  •  After they calm down let them know that behavior is not acceptable
Dealing with a tantrum is never easy and no one is an expert. In the end all you can do is try your best not to freak out yourself like these grown adults did...on camera!

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