Tuesday, November 8, 2011

App of the Week: PhonyPhone

I have had a couple of close calls (ah haha) when giving my phone to a child. My boss has been dialed at 5:30am and told "I made poopy", a work email was responded to with the career escalating response: "K assface" and at least thirteen calls have been made to 911 (they now know Monkey by name and my cell is on the bad daddy list). So I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this idea long ago, ladies and gents I present to you...PhonyPhone! This amazing (and FREE) little app turns your phone into a fake phone. Yea. A phone without the ability to call the cops, or your boss or make long distance calls to China.

And for the creative criminal, PhonyPhone is a great training tool for your little accomplice to learn helpful ways to get daddy out of trouble.

When the boss calls: "Hello, daddy not home, he went to work early. He works all the time. Why you not let daddy play with me."

To the resident telemarketer: "Daddy not have credit card. Bad man stole his wallet and punch him in eye."

To Mother In Law: "Daddy think you so pretty and nice".

For the dads on the up and up, PhonyPhone also helps teach numbers by showing the word spelled out along with a nice voice (Stunt Chad likes to call her Linda). Linda says the number out loud helping Jr learn the names and spellings of the numbers. And if you press the talk button Linda also says hello. There is also a button that plays laughter and another that plays Mary Had a Little Lamb in phone tones, which is totally annoying so your kid will love it. The best part of PhonyPhone is that it is free. So check it out now in the Apple App Store. PhonyPhone. StumbleUpon Pin It Now!

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