Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Girl Toys: What If I Don't Want My Puddin' To Be A Princess

Being the proud father of both a little boy and a little girl, I am always surprised about the lack of range in subject matter of girl toys. You can either get princess related items or "little mommy" toys. I am not sure what I am expecting, but it would be great to see some toys out there that don't try to sell my little Puddin' on the idea that her future has only one of two paths: having a baby or a taking a trip to Disney World. Not that there is anything wrong with either of these, I actually have done both and they were quite enjoyable (although somehow the trip to Disney World cost about the same as the price we spent to bring a human being into the world—but then again, our hospital did not have mascots you could get your picture taken with).

I want my daughter to grow up playing with a wide range of toys including blocks, science equipment, or imagination tools. Recently, I bought her a bunch of rubber lizards and snakes she wanted from Target (she is two... cut her some slack). Without any prodding from dad, she started playing veterinarian when we got home. I was so proud. With some careful purchasing, I'm hoping the Better Half and I can shape her into a well-rounded, reptile-lovin, doctor-aspiring, creative-thinking, young woman that is not just into what the TV tells her she should be. With so many bad options out there, I was happy to see that Huffington Post recently had a list of the 14 Worst Toys for Girls you need to check out. My personal favorites are:

Totally Tattoo Barbie

What a better way to ensure that your little girl ends up either on the back of a motorcycle at 16 or as the defendant in a petty assault and battery case than to get them started early on the glamorous world of tattooing at an early age. Please don't get me wrong, I think tattoos are amazing and beautiful—just as long as they are not on my precious daughter. Sure she could tell the world her personal philosophies by getting a Chinese symbol that she doesn't really understand on her lower back, but I hope that she will be able to do the same or better with her words or her writings.

Just For Girls Cleaning Trolley

Have little to no hope for your child? Can you already tell that they are destined for life in the janitorial services? Well good news—the folks at Just for Girls have designed a cleaning trolley for your little one to help them begin their exciting career path today. Imagine the fun that could be had with this little gem. Maybe you could hang your "cleaning required" sign on your bedroom doorknob when you leave in the morning—and when you get home, if the room is not cleaned, you can call her on her pretend phone and threaten to put her on notice if this happens again. Or you could go to the manager (your wife) and accuse her of stealing from your room. You can make "your little domestic servant" come in and try to explain where the change you left on the nightstand went while you were away. Or you could have her knock on your door every morning and say,"Housekeeping," and you can yell back, "Come back in an hour!" Oh the fun just keeps a coming...

I know the day will come where my little one will beg me for a Barbie... or God, even worse, a Bratz doll. And, I know I will cave (well not about the Bratz doll, I'll buy her a pony before I buy her one of those evil things). But for now, I have this beautiful empty brain of hers to fill and I am going to try not to taint it for as long as can.

Do you have any suggestion for good girl toys? What girl toys do you hate?
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