Monday, November 14, 2011

Product Review: Swoop Bags

My wife recently found an interesting product called Swoop. And in all honestly, I am not sure if it is a smart idea or just swoopid (see what I did there). Swoop Bags are designed to be a one-stop toy storage area and play area for all of those little pieces of plastic that somehow seem to flood out of the little one's room. Made out of high quality cotton canvas and nylon cording, the bag/play around is made for quick access and storage.

The thing I am struggling with is whether or not the same outcome could be accomplished with a couple of $5 laundry bags. Also, what are you going to do with this large lump of plastic toys? Maybe future models will integrate a bean bag feature, but right now, it just looks like another pile of stuff to jam into someplace else. This idea might be a better solution when my little one turns 18 and I throw all of his stuff into a Swoop and chuck it into the front yard. At this point, for $45, I think I am going to have to vote Swoopid.

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