Monday, November 21, 2011

The Evolution of My Worries

I recently realized that the things I spend my days and sleepless nights worrying about are much different than they used to be. Then I traced my life backward wondering just what I had to worry about before fatherhood. And while the things I worried about in the past varied with age, there was a huge paradigm shift in my worries after becoming a father.
  • When I was born I only worried about mommy. Where's mommy?
  • When I was five I worried about having to share my toys. 
  • When I was ten I worried about friends and being liked.
  • When I was fifteen I worried about girls.
  • When I was twenty I worried about girls, and I guess my grades in college a little.
  • When I was twenty-five I worried about which bars had good cheap drinks, free food that wasn't frozen pizza, and hot, smart, fun, down-to-earth girls. (Note: Never found this bar. If you have, please post on the internet.)
  • When I was thirty I worried a little about my career, my future, bars, and my girlfriend.
  • When I became a father I stopped worrying about me and started to worry about everyone and everything else.
What do you worry about?
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1 comment:

  1. Agree becoming a father changed what seemed important. Now the worry is about time, not enough of it and it goes by to fast.