Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dadversions: Because You Deserve 15 Minutes to Yourself

Dadversions is our weekly contribution to keeping you sane. Every week we are going to collect our favorite random links that we think you will appreciate. So put the kids to bed, sit back and enjoy. You deserve it! Please be advised that you will be linking out to other sites that may be not suitable for work (NSFW) because of language or basic cable level of debauchery (what else would you expect from us), but we try to keep things pretty PG-15 here at StuntDad.

Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure:
  • Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to tape their children's response when they find out they ate all of their Halloween candy...and yes, crying ensues

  • Here is a reminder of why you are not smart

  • Do you know the guy code? If not, you need to..

Dad Related Links:
Congratulations! You have just found $5,000 and you can only spend it on something for you. Not something for the house. Not something for the kids. Not something for the wife... only you. So what is on the shopping list?
  • Stunt Chad: I have always wanted a Vespa Scooter. I am not saying it is the coolest thing in the world, but it is something I have wanted since I was a kid. I also think that I would be the proud owner of on X Box...As you can tell, I do not want for much in this world.
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1 comment:

  1. I have always wanted an indoor golf simulator. When it comes to golfing though, I'm frustrated with the 6 hour commitment to play 18 holes and 7 month season because Chicago's weather sucks. So, being able to golf Banff Springs in under an hour or play Pebble Beach in the middle of January is incredibly appealing. Plus, it gives me a great excuse to polish off a 12 pack and a pack of smokes in my basement.