Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tub Time=Road to the NBA

Getting kids to take baths comes with its own unique set of challenges. Encouraging him or her to remain seated, diverting attention away from the faucet handle, and minimizing the splashing.

To keep the little one focused, I highly recommend: Little Tikes Bathketball.

For only $10, you get a suction hoop, 3 squirting basketballs and 30 minutes of blissful distraction. This gift has made Munch go full-on berzerker-style-excited when its bath time.

I say the words “tub time” and the kid beelines for the bathroom, no matter where he is or what he’s doing. To determine if this was a passion or a phase, I tested it out in 3 random locations, with varying degrees of familiarity, while he was otherwise preoccupied.
  • Grandma's House. Familiarity: High. Munch is throwing acorns into the pond. I say "tub time" and he races over to her back door, pointing inside and chanting, "Ball, ball, ball."
  • Brother's House. Familiarity: Medium. Munch is playing with his cousins in the basement. I say "tub time" and he climbs the first set of stairs to the main level, another set of stairs to their 2nd level, waddles over to their guest bathroom, and starts pounding on the bath tub, chanting, "Ball, ball, ball."
  • Aquatic Center . Familiarity: Low. Munch is eating grapes. I say "tub time" and two grapes fall out of his mouth, he charges into the men's locker room, and starts slaping the shower curtain (empty shower stall, thank god) and chanting, "Ball, ball, ball."
Verdict: Passion!

And who knows, maybe this drives him to become the next token 6' sharp shooting white dude in the NBA? Steve Kerr? John Paxson? Bobby Hansen? All of these guys fit the description AND have NBA Championship Rings - GIDDY, GIDDY.

Anyone else have tub toys that are Stuntastic?

- Not a parenting blog, not a daddy blog, not a mommy blog — it's a Stunt Dad blog.
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