Friday, March 2, 2012

New Dads: Bond With Your Baby More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Do you feel like Mommy has had a leg up in the bonding department? Of course she has. She's had a 9 month head start over you, which has pit you as the underdog since day 1. Mom's ensured your baby has stayed warm, provided the essential nutrients needed for survival, and in layman's term—she's single handedly kept the kid alive. Much props to Mom, but before we crown her Queen of Baby Bonding, Dads now have an opportunity to give her a run for her money,  thanks to the fine folks at TICLL: Touch Instinctively-Communicate Love for a Lifetime.

We're all familiar with the saying, "It's not how you start, it's how you finish" and Dads, let's face it, we crawled while Mom ran—no, she sprinted to an early lead. But, this is America, and our country loves nothing more than a sappy comeback story. And Dads, you can be the hero of that story with  TICLL's latest and greatest product called the Blissful Baby™ Bundle.

This product will give you an instant connection with your newborn or infant. It uses the power of touch and massage, something that gives you a physical, immediate bond with your baby. The Bundle includes the following:
  • Blissful Baby Robe: a soft and cuddly infant massage garment that comes in pink, blue, brown, or white
  • Blissful Baby Guide: a 30 page book of detailed, illustrated, fact filled and wonderfully whimsical infant massage content
  • Detachable Towel
  • Matching Carrying Bag
Did you know that skin-to-skin contact lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system? And, according to a study in 2000, fathers who gave their infants daily massage 15 minutes prior to bedtime for one month displayed more positive bonding moments with their infant. Now, I am not suggesting that you give your infant a bath every hour on the hour to make up for the previous 9 months, because that would be disturbing and likely warrant uncomfortable conversations with local law enforcement. But, I would recommend subtly commandeering a new bedtime ritual for the next year: snuggle time on your chest, bath, cuddle, massage, bottle, bed.  

Your baby can see you,  feel you, and understand that you are the one who's taking over these precious bonding moments, so take advantage of it and make her aware that Daddy is now officially the Transmitter of Touch, the King of Kuddle, the Master of Massage.

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