Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend getaways for them and you

You need a break from looking at the same four walls and that patch of dry grass leading up to that same front door in need of a paint job. But, packing up the kids and trying to entertain them 24/7 in a new environment with the added challenge of keeping to nap schedules is far from relaxing. Wally World will have to wait. But wait! Oh no it doesn't. Since blogs are cheap and easy to make there are some kick ass people looking to make your next trip with kids a little bit easier. Enter http://www.hotelswithbabysitting.com. They do the hard work of Google searching for hotels that will watch your little ones for you while you enjoy a little downtime sans the little ones.

SO check out http://www.hotelswithbabysitting.com and then check in.
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