Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prep your kinderkid for 1st grade

Summer was fun, and now it is over. Your little precious isn't in Kansas anymore. Not that we are implying that all Kansasonians are still in kindergarten, obviously many have moved on to become farmers, flying monkeys and witches of both the good and bad flavor. But little Tommy, Jenny, Mikey, Lauren, Chris, er Elma has a big change coming up. 1st grade is spelled with a number, and that is NOT to be taken lightly. So hide those my baby is all growd up tears and prep your prep talk...it's game time and your little one needs to get suited up for the little big leagues.

  1. Circle time is over. Kindergarten was all about community and sharing and holding hands and looking cute for preggers on tour. 1st grade is about test scores and your teach ain't gonna waste precious moments on duck, duck goose. Jr is gonna start spending some time pushing a crayon behind a desk and if you are smart (which you are since you are reading Stunt Dad) you will get a little practice in.
  2. Leave the blankey at home. Teach may say it is ok, because teach won't have to suffer the next 7 years of having blankets hung on their locker door. If you fear taking the blankey away, get the sewing machine out and turn blankey into underwear. It works for me.
  3. Provide some trading material. When lunch rolls around you don't want your kid getting boxed out of the trading session to watch the excitement from the end of the table. Instead prep em with a score chart, and some extras for getting into the action. A candy bar to entice a big prize, and a bag of raw broccoli so they can practice their negotiating skills will do. Throw in a bag of Doritos to create a trading frenzie reminiscent of Trading Places. Don't have a score card? Remember Anything Kashi loses to veggies, veggies lose to fruit, fruit loses to yummy sandwich, sandwich loses to candy bar, Doritos takes all. 

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